Mission Statement

Our aim

As part of the Danish People’s Church we believe in God the Almighty, Jesus Christ as our Lord and Saviour, and the Holy Spirit.

We are an open church where anyone can come and partake in our daily and weekly activities, or join us for a coffee in our new café. We shine God’s light upon our local community, and we aim to be a pillar of support for anyone who might need it. We invite anyone from all walks of life to join us in their quest to understand more about life as a Christian and who we are.


We have an outreach programme in which we offer to visit with you in your home if you need soul counseling. We gladly help facilitate practical aid in times of need, and we offer to watch over a dying loved-one. Through donations and gift giving we can provide aid for those less fortunate especially during Christmas.


We believe that children are a big part of God’s Church. We cater for children from birth by inviting them to take part in the weekly activities that are specifically designed for them. Our hope is that they come to love and appreciate the teachings of Jesus and the Holy Bible from a young age.